The Team




Wrist Size: 15.5cm

Based in Sydney, Firmin is a watch enthusiast with a fascination for all aspects watchmaking expanding from the eras of the past to the innovations of modern times. Firmin is a keen contributor to the Australian and international watch communities; often seen as the resident expert in independent watchmaking. As the founder of Remontoire, Firmin is keen to continue with watch journalism whilst pursuing his studies in Engineering.




Wrist Size: 14.5cm

Based in Sydney, Ida has had a long-time passion for jewellery. After being plunged into the Australian watch scene, Ida quickly become entranced with the world of horology. Surrounding herself with members of the vintage community has led her to amass her own vintage timepieces that would make any enthusiast envious. With a keen interest for writing and expressing her opinion, Ida is a contributor to Remontoire, pursuing watch journalism to  balance to her day job as an accountant.




Wrist Size: 19cm

Based in Sydney, Johan is a watch enthusiast both modern and vintage. His taste for horology has shifted and been refined over the years. Johan's knowledge has been fuelled by discussion and engagement with various international watch communities and forums. As such, Johan is a valued member of the local Australian watch community. With interest in both vintage and contemporary watches, Johan is a contributor to Remontoire offering his unique opinion and skills in photography.

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"Simon" & "Simone"

Our anonymous contributors; friends of Remontoire, who wish to write without their identities exposed. Our Simones and Simons.